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Office Staff

 Tammy Werner, CEO/President

& Donald Werner, VP


Together with our Drivers, Office Staff, Maintenance Staff and Management team, we provide a quality service that is unmatched in our industry.  We set our standards high and work to achieve them.

 James Fox , Ryan Borowka (not pictured) and Tyler Fox (not pictured)


Front Row (Left to Right): Glen Smith, Eric Marrs

Second Row (Left to Right): Bill Trotter, Kevin Johnson, Jim Montambo, George (Steve) Stevenson

Third Row (Left to Right): John Dresden III, Darrell Ulman, Doug Granger, Chris Ennis

Back Row (Left to Right):  Henry (Hank) Hemmes, Craig Sholty, Adam Clark, Jeff Cobb, Ray Smith 

Not Pictured:  Scott Lutterloh, Larry Ennis, Jon Grannis, Keith Marrs, Linda Bullis, Greg Lyons, Aaron Lambertson, Travis Trolard, Carrie Sleight, Kevin Baker,  Alan Braley, John Evans, Ash Suddaby, Ken Pierce, Kevin Iversen, Mike Brown, Jim Bromley

Left to Right:  Amy Stevens, Joy Alverson, Adam Clark, Pearl Bowman, Felicia Free and Joel Vaughn (not pictured)